Consommation Responsable

Responsible consumption

While your 5 senses can be put to good use during a wine tasting session, there is a 6th that should not be forgotten: a sense of responsibility. At the Comité Champagne, we advocate responsible consumption, combining knowledge, pleasure, respect and self-control.


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Best practice for responsible tasting

  • Respect the legal drinking age in force in your country
  • Do not drink if you are pregnant or taking certain medicines
  • Find out about the principles of responsible consumption
  • Use marked glasses to serve the right quantity
  • Use spittoons and spit out
  • Have free water available as well as soft drinks
  • Accompany the tasting with solid food (snacks, bread, etc.)
  • Have breathalysers available

Benchmarks for responsible consumption

  • It is recommended to go 2 days per week without drinking
  • In France, it is recommended not to consume more than:
    • 10 glasses a week
    • 2 glasses a day


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For more information, contact the relevant authorities in your country.
“A good wine goes with everything, in moderation above all!”