Financement Formation Champagne

Financing training courses

The classic version of our online course « Champagne MOOC » is financed by the Comité Champagne and can thus be offered free of charge to all learners. Face-to-face training at our partner centres can be financed by learners or their employers. 

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Financement Formation Champagne

Financing by the employer

As part of its skills development plan, your employer can pay the registration fees for our face-to-face training courses. 

Contact your employer for more information about this financing option. 

Cave Champagne

Individual financing

Whether you are a wine lover or a professional, you can also choose to finance your course yourself. As a reminder, our online courses are all free (funded by the Comité Champagne), so they are an excellent starting point for learning about Champagne before embarking on a paid course.