• 06/05 to 03/06

Champagne Specialist English - Cambridge (USA)

May 6, 13, 20 & June 3 2024 at Commonwealth Wine School
Course in English

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A complete training course with tastings and fun workshops that leads to recognised certification. 


Course objectives :

  • Describing and assessing Champagne wines.
  • Knowing how to store and serve Champagne wines in optimal conditions.
  • Being able to recommend a Champagne wine by ascertaining a customer’s  expectations and requirements and then making a range of proposals suited to their request.
  • Pairing food and Champagne wines
  • Understanding and interpreting Champagne wine labels.

Course advantages :

  • Focus is on practice with workshops allowing students to apply the knowledge acquired. 
  • Develop consulting skills required for the exercise of professional activities such as recommending, serving, selling, and purchasing Champagne wines and managing a cellar.
  • This program is created and certified by the Comité Champagne: the content is up to date and you are guaranteed to have a global vision of Champagne. 
  • Course limited to small groups to encourage interactivity and active participation


 Find out all about this training session  Find out all about this training session

Practical information

  • 35 Dunster Street
    Cambridge, MA 02138

  • Phone
    +1 617 575 2451
  • 06/05 to 03/06
  • Schedule

    Classes Run from 6pm-9:30pm
    Exam: June 10th, 6pm-8:30pm

Commonwealth Wine School

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This event is organised by one of our partner centres

All the experts who give our training courses are specially trained by the Comité Champagne to ensure they have a global vision and all the knowledge they need to teach you about the wines of Champagne.

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